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Behind the image

The new commercial shot of the 5th Spirit of Hven Distillery seven stars whisky series . Alioth

Probably one of the most changeling task I have given to myself. With free hands, I had to come up with a images that reflects the whisky. Like the others, it is beyond amazing and it will probably harvest as many prizes as all of them combined, so this time there will be more international attention to my images.

I made the concept just after the American election and in the aftermath I transferred my melancholy into a "nordic noir" scene. I went to the ocean on a freezing night with an ancient stone that was used as a workbench in the middle ages.

Alone and in the dark I rigged the flashes while the boreal water numbed my body. A customised flash rig behind the bottle made the light tower effect, unfortunately it was destroyed by a big wave; however I got the shoots before the flash was sacrificed to Poseidon.

The message that I wanted to state was personal, yet a feeling shared with most: In these cold and dark times the only light that will warm you is whisky...

As a sidenote curiosa , the name Alioth derives from the Arabic, alyat, meaning “the tail of a sheep” referring to the position in the asterism. To the Hindus its is know as Añgiras, one of the Seven Rishis. Described as a teacher of divine knowledge and a mediator between men and gods


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