Yellow light district

I was on holiday to visit my family in Amsterdam, I brought my Fuji x100s  since I had the ambition train my skills street photography skills.Street photography and Landscape has been my initial passion for photography since I started in the darkroom and is one of the best way for me to enhance my skills as a photographer. 

Amsterdam is filled with tourist in the summertime, so my best trick is to go picture hunting is in the early morning, in time the magic light of the sunrise and before the hoarding tourist are invading the streets. 

I went to the red light district and placed my camera on a tripod in order to get my landscape shoot of the iconic area. The mist made the scene more looming with the church in the background. However I was not satisfied with the motive, so I threw some breadcrumbs in the air in order to capture the seagulls. To my luck ( and endurance ) I capture a seagull right above the church giving the picture a more mystique ambience with the "angle wings"

I choose to name the picture " Yellow light district " because of different factors, it was made in the red light district,  there is a yellow lamp in the background bridge. I used sepia in post editing ( to give it a classic street photography look )  and its  in-between the red and green light districts of Amsterdam.